To educate consumers of in-home personal care services and those healthcare professionals referring these services about the benefits and risks associated with these in-home care options. 
The Home Care Association of America
Founded in 2002, the Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) is the industry’s leading trade association – currently representing over 2,700 companies that employ more than 500,000 caregivers across the United States.

HCAOA serves as the home care industry’s unified voice in Washington, D.C. and state governments across the country.

Representing a diverse number of small, mid-level and large corporations, HCAOA unites the industry through speaking with one voice in state capitals and Washington, D.C.

HCAOA protects industry interests, promotes industry values, tackles barriers to growth and takes on industry-wide issues.

From standing up to dangerous misinterpretations of long-standing laws, to ensuring that caregivers and clients are protected from abuse, HCAOA is a champion and advocate for its members, for caregivers and for seniors across America. HCAOA connects and educates its members, stays on top of the issues and keeps its members informed.

Whether providing training on the latest business strategies or technologies, or hosting its dynamic annual leadership conference on today’s cutting-edge issues, HCAOA enables home care companies to grow, advance their workers’ skills and meet the needs of America’s seniors.
Cameron Svendsen is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and has 25 years serving in Arizona's healthcare market.  His professional experience includes; hospital social worker, care manager, discharge planner and hospice and palliative co-founder.  He understands the challenges that come with making the most appropriate and safe community referrals.  Cameron routinely speaks publicly on these topics; home care, advance care planning and population health management. Cameron has been selected as the spokesperson for the SHCC mission.
"I believe seniors and their families deserve to make informed decisions and know the risks associated with the different in-home care models.  I'm grateful to be a part of an initiative that is focused on educating the community and looking out for seniors!" 
          -- Mark Aspenson, Executive Director, Visiting Angels

"I got involved with Safe Home Care Initiative because I feel we owe it to the clients and families that we serve to make sure that they are well informed about the personnel that is coming into their home.  Specifically, understanding the difference and the liabilities that are associated with hiring a contract worker versus hiring a In Home Personal Care provider that employs their Caregivers and all of the protections that come along with hiring a In Home Personal Care Agency." 
          -- Bob Roth, Managing Partner, Cypress Home Care Solutions
"Having worked in the senior care industry for many years, I have a passion for the aging population and see myself as an advocate for seniors.  From the years of teaching and managing care teams, to educating families, I have learned families and healthcare workers deserve to know, and understand every aspect of in home care.  So, when this idea of the Safe Home Care Initiative was discussed, I was excited at the chance for Home Instead to be involved.  It is my hope that this group of members will help to provide information to consumers, their families and any industry professionals that may be distributing key information to them. I want to see consumers have in-depth information and a well thought out list of questions to ask as they are looking for services within their home. This way, through the help of the information that the Initiative has put together, they can have an educated understanding of the different types of services and levels of costs associated for the needs they have.  More importantly, this is a way to educate the community in what their individual responsibilities will be; especially as it relates to liabilities with different types of care provides they are looking at.
Being well informed is the key to making the right in home care decision for their individual situation.  The consumer can make a decision that they can be comfortable with and avoid any hidden issues that may arise that could lead to avoidable consequences."
          -- Dawn DeMers, General Manager, Home Instead Senior Care