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Current Laws



In 2017, Massachusetts made law its home care registry. The final bill signed by Governor Charlie Baker does include exemptions for home care workers who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or harassment, but those exemptions are by voluntary opt out, which require the caregivers to disclose such history to their employers. Read More



SB19-238 was signed into law on May 28, 2019. This act requires home care agencies providing Medicaid services in the state to expend 77% of reimbursement on caregiver wages, and report caregivers’ name, home address, phone number, email, and most recent training. Read More


Defeated Bills


Legislators heard our members speaking loud and clear.  Senate Bill 1051, which would have established a registry of home care workers and  imposed substantial burdens on home care providers to accommodate one class of workers did not pass. Through our combined efforts, we defeated a measure that would have: 

  • Established a state directory of home care agency workers.

  • Required home care agencies to collect personal, identifying information about employees and submit it to the Department of Consumer Protection.

  • Made much of that personal information available for public disclosure and to an ‘employee organization’.

These actions combined would have had several ill effects on the home care industry: the bill would have exposed workers’ personal information to the public and violate their privacy rights; would increase the cost of home care for consumers and have unintended consequences for senior care, elderly persons and the disabled; hinder employment opportunities for caregivers; and hurt small businesses and interfere with the ability of home care company owners to operate their business.  

Thank you to all HCAOA Connecticut members who contacted their legislators expressing their concerns.

Pending Legislation

HCAOA is continually monitoring for legislation that impacts the home care industry. Watch this space for further guidance on bills that would similarly affect caregiver privacy. 


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