Protect Caregiver Privacy

Say "Yes" to Protect Caregiver Privacy and "No" to AB 2455!

I am a caregiver in California listed on the Department of Social Services Home Care Aide Registry. I love the work that I do as a caregiver, which allows me to serve seniors, individuals with disabilities and other individuals who need help at home with their daily living needs.  The work that I do allows my clients to continue living independently in their own homes. 
I appeal to the California Legislature and Governor Brown to stop AB 2455, a bill that would require the State of California to send my personal contact information to a labor union with whom I have no relationship whatsoever.  This bill is an attack on my privacy and would place all home care aides at risk of having their personal contact information released to people we don’t know. Furthermore, this bill offers NO protections against or penalties for the misuse of my personal information, limitations on the number of times I can be contacted, or limitations from being contacted all hours of the day or night. I shouldn’t have to take action to protect my privacy, and I can’t believe the State of California is seriously thinking about passing this bill. I am asking you to join me in urging your colleagues in the California Legislature and Governor Brown to stop AB 2455. Thank you for your consideration.