Create an HCAOA State Chapter


Thank you for your interest in forming an HCAOA Chapter! As a membership organization, we rely on member-leaders like yourself to ensure that we are delivering attentive service and effective advocacy to home care providers across the nation. Please fill out the below information so we can assess the best way to proceed in establishing an HCAOA Chapter in your state

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The following activities must be discussed and planned within the next 12 months:

  1. Town Hall Meeting – This meeting is the first step in organizing a chapter.  Not only is it the initial introduction of HCAOA, it also serves as a forum for providers to voice their concerns regarding any legislative/regulatory issues in their state and helps HCAOA develop a partnership with the Chapter in laying out plans for the year.  This event is also an opportunity to recruit new members.  Below is a snapshot of for a Town Hall Meeting:
  • Welcome – Chapter Organizer
  • Overview of HCAOA – HCAOA representative – staff or board liaison
  • Open forum to discuss top issues
  • Prioritizing Issues      
    • Schedule Advocacy Day or Legislative Outreach
  • Communicating with Chapter Members
    • Quarterly Conference Call
    • Update legislative/regulatory
    • Federal Advocacy
  • Committee Sign-Up
    • Advocacy Day
    • Education Event
    • Annual Membership Meeting
  1.  Following Town Hall, a summary of the event is sent to attendees as well as those who did not attend asking them to consider joining the Chapter/HCAOA. 
  2. Chapter President is appointed to the HCAOA Chapters Committee, which meets quarterly.  Other responsibilities of the Chapter President include:
  • Communicating with HCAOA about Chapter activities and issues and alerting HCAOA to any critical issues surfacing.
  • Overseeing the planning and executing of at least three events:  State Advocacy Day, Membership Meeting, and an educational event.


If you have any further questions, please reach out to our Director of Programs and Operations, Nataly Schwartz, at or 202-508-3872