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HCAOA Announces Partnership With Sterling Talent Solutions 

The Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) is proud to announce a new partnership with Sterling Talent Solutions for employee background screening discounts. Sterling Talent Solutions' employment screening solutions include criminal background checks, drug and health screening and staying compliant to the most updated background screening laws.


Sterling Talent Solutions offers a heavily discounted background check pricing program for HCAOA members. Each background screening program is created with your services in mind. Sterling is able to put together a background screening program that focuses on the needs of HCAOA members.

Background Screening 101
The home care professionals you hire are entrusted with caring for millions of lives every day, so background screening tests need to be thorough. There are many components to background checks, but the fundamentals include criminal background checksdrug testing and employment verification. With the competition for the best talent in the home healthcare industry, it is vital to understand the laws and regulations around background screenings and how they help determine if a candidate is "the perfect fit" for your organization. This is especially true for the home healthcare industry where there are many regulations that have to be followed. Understanding what type of background check solution that works best for your home care company will help ensure you will find the best employee. Sterling offers extensive sanctions and license screening and monitoring services to a variety of federal, state and local agencies. 
Below are a few background screening solutions that Sterling Talent Solutions can provide to HCAOA members: Criminal Checks
  1. Criminal Checks:  Criminal background checks are the anchor to most background checking programs. A Social Security Number Trace is the foundation for background check screening. From this search, you can see county, state and nationwide court records and criminal databases. The secret to conducting a thorough criminal record check is location and knowing the right places to make your search. The more location tools you use, the more comprehensive your information will be. Some of the reports that we run include: Health Care Statewide Criminal Check, Nurse Aide Registry Check and Adult Abuse Registry Check.
  2. Rules and Regulations: The main piece of legislation governing background checks and employment screening providers is the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Per this law, employers must give notice and receive consent by candidates before obtaining background checks. Employers must ensure that all job applicants are treated equally. Hiring managers cannot pick and choose which candidate will have a background check as this could be considered discrimination. The best course of action is to have a comprehensive background screening policy in place. Also, make sure that every compliance issues are being followed by running a Health Care Sanction Check(FACIS®)and Health Care Sanction Monitoring (FACIS®).
  3. Drug Tests: Employee substance abuse can have a productivity and financial impact on a business. Employers will rely on drug screening to eliminate illicit drug users from the group of potential candidates as well as deter current employees from using drugs on the job. If a business implements a drug-free environment, it should be specifically detailed in the employee handbook. Drug tests can occur during the pre-employment process, randomly after employment or as a requisite for returning to work.
  4. Employment Verifications: With a competitive job market, candidates are doing anything they can to get potential employees to notice their resumes. Unfortunately, some of what they are putting on their resumes is actually false information. They could be embellishing their education, job titles, responsibility, payroll and start and end dates. Education and employment verification services contact the past employer's human resources and payroll departments to make sure that the candidate's information is correct. Health care professional licenses can be reviewed via the following tests: Professional License and Certification Verification, License Monitoring, National Practitioner Data Bank Check, Health Care Integrity and Protection Data Bank Check and FDA Disqualified or Restricted Assurances List Check.
  5. Onboarding Paperwork: The Form I-9 verifies employment eligibility of any new hire. Employers are required by law to follow specific procedures for completing the form on the pre-determined deadlines or face civil or criminal penalties. There are three sections to completing the form. The first section has to be filled out by the employee on the first day of employment. The second section is for the employer or an authorized representative to review documentation provided by the new employee. The third section is re-verification due to life changes. Our Form I-9 services will monitor the forms electronically for errors before it is sent to the government.
  6. About Sterling Talent Solutions: The background screening industry is constantly changing with new methods and technologies continuously being created. Sterling Talent Solutions keeps up-to-date on these changes allowing HCAOA members to choose the right candidates.
Sterling Talent Solutions provides hiring peace of mind by delivering a simpler, smarter background screening and onboarding experience for employers worldwide. Our comprehensive suite of cloud-based background screening and onboarding solutions deliver accurate, reliable results and tools to maintain compliance throughout the hiring cycle.
With 20 offices in nine countries and growing, our team of more than 3,700 employees proudly serves over 50,000 customers around the world, including 25% of the Fortune 100. Sterling is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), a distinction earned by fewer than 10% of all background screening companies.
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