Voting Membership | $845 per year
Voting members shall have voting rights and may hold office or serve as an Officer or Director of the Association. They may also chair any standing committees.

You must be an active Voting member in good standing before adding any additional locations.

Membership dues ($845) includes participation in the state chapter.
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Additional Location Membership | $250 per year

Additional location membership is only available to current "Full Voting" members who wish to add another location (and wish to have this added location receive HCAOA membership benefits). Each additional location MUST be under management/ownership control of a current voting member.      







Premium Associate Membership | $1,200 per year

A business that supplies goods and/or services to private duty home care agencies or their patients, but does NOT supply in-home personnel. Associate Members shall not have voting rights but can hold office or serve as an Officer or Director of the Association. They may also chair any standing committee of the Association. 

All Associate Membership applications are subject to review by the HCAOA membership committee. Applications are processed weekly, and you should receive a membership packet and be listed on our website within 10-14 business days upon receipt of payment. If there are any questions concerning your application, you will be notified by a member of the HCAOA staff.

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Individual Membership | $250 per year

Individual Members are professionals interested in home care. Examples of Individual Members include social workers, aging in place professionals, etc. 

Please Note: If you are a current owner or employee of a home care company that provides home care for your clients, you are only eligible for the Voting Membership listed above. If you are not a current owner or employee of a home care company, but are interested in marketing your company's products or services to home care companies, you are only eligible for the Premium Associate Membership listed above.

If you are interested in becoming an Individual Member of HCAOA, please email Laura Smothers-Chu at



All Home Care Association of America memberships are anniversary-based.