HCAOA Webinars

GET COMPETITIVE: 2018 Caregiver Recruitment Trends & Insights

  • Speaker: Maggie Keen, Vice President Strategic Initiatives, myCNAjobs
    • Maggie Keen is a national caregiver recruitment speaker and Vice President at myCNAjobs. After spending the last 4 years consulting with top senior care companies across the country, Maggie has unique insight into what innovators are doing to tackle their toughest recruiting challenges. She's on mission to arm healthcare recruiters with more insight about Caregiver motivations to fuel the hiring and retention of a workforce plagued with high turnover.
  • Date and Time:  August 23 at 2:00pm EST 
  • Description: We've collected data from 100k+ caregivers, tapping into the minds of job seekers nationwide to deliver new insights to transform recruitment strategies in 2018. Executives understand the war for caregiver talent is here. Now, it’s time to act. Companies that don’t compete, won’t survive. Join us for an action-packed session to uncover the latest trends in job search and get under the hood to better understand a caregiver’s psyche including the impact of:
    • Wages
    • Benefits
    • Training
    • The Interview Process
    • Your Local Market
We look forward to sharing new thinking, interesting data, and easy-to-implement strategies to become more competitive in 2018.


       Maggie Keen                          




The Top Ten Tech To-Dos of the Highly Successful Home Care Agency

  • Speakers: 
    • Marissa Snook, Managing Director, corecubed 
    • Amy Selle, Managing Director, corecubed  
    • Stacie Gillespie, SEO Manager, corecubed
  • Date and Time: September 5 at 3:00pm EST 
  • Description: Totally married to change, our healthcare at home landscape is evolving as demographics shift towards more people reaching the age where care might be needed, and as technology jumps ahead with social and business integration and solutions. What are the most important things to do that make the most impact for a successful home care agency?

    Attend this webinar to learn:
    • To emphasize the expanding role that technology plays in reaching and connecting with potential clients, referral sources and the public   
    • To define the best practices in digital marketing, and how those practices integrate with agency operations for maximum success 
    • To present a clear diagram of a strategy for success using technology as a tool for reaching and securing new clients and referral sources.


Marissa Snook                         Amy Selle                                 Stacie Gillespie                      




Reducing Hospital Readmissions in Dementia Patients

  • Speakers: 
    • Katherine Vanderhorst, RN-BC, BSN, President, C&V Senior Care Specialists
    • Dr. Amy Craven, PT, MS, DPT, Vice President, C&V Senior Care Specialists
  • Date and Time: October 9 at 3:00pm EST 
  • Description: In the US 1 in 7 hospital admissions of people with Alzheimer’s are potentially avoidable and cost Medicare $2.6 Billion annually.  This presentation will address caregiver education to recognize the behavior issues and teach strategies to deal with the behaviors that can ultimately reduce avoidable hospitalizations, improve patient outcomes, and lower costs.
    Learning Objectives:
  1. At the completion of this session, participants will be able to recognize cognitive issues versus non-compliance.
  2. At the completion of this session, participants will be able to utilize strategies to determine causes of behaviors in ADRD individuals.
  3. At the completion of this session, participants will be to employ strategies to successfully deal with identified issues.

Katherine Vanderhorst        Dr. Amy Craven                                           




How to CREATE the Caregiver Team You NEED

  • Speaker: Linda Leekley, Founder & CEO, In The Know Caregiver Training 
  • Date and Time: October 23 at 1:00pm EST 
  • Description: Finding qualified caregivers is a huge challenge. So, stop looking for "qualified" people. Instead, hire caregivers with the “right stuff” who are in it for the right reasons. We can show you how to take the right people from zero to qualified quickly by using targeted screening, caregiver certification, professional training and a little inspiration so you can CREATE the caregiver team you NEED.
    Learning Objectives:
After attending this ever, participants will be able to:
  • Pre-screen potential hires to find caregivers with the “right stuff” who are in it for the right reasons.
  • Evaluate professional caregiver training providers and caregiver certification programs that meet the needs of the agency and its caregivers.
  • Develop a system that takes the right hires from zero to qualified in a short time.

Linda Leekley