2020 Annual Leadership Conference Call for Speakers

"Conference Theme" 

As the premier association representing the home care industry, HCAOA is committed to connecting and educating its members. We stay on top of the latest issues, have our finger on the pulse of future trends and keep our member companies informed. Whether providing training on the latest business strategies, technology or hosting our dynamic annual leadership conference, HCAOA enables our members to grow, advance workers' skills and meet the needs of America's seniors.  

The 2020 HCAOA Annual Leadership Conference, Conference Theme” will take place in Orlando, FL on October 4-5 at the Hilton Orlando Hotel.   Our conference provides sessions that appeal to the seasoned home care business professional as well as those new to the industry.  We invite you to share your knowledge, experience and expertise with our members. 

If you know of a colleague or speaker/presenter that may be interested in submitting a proposal, please feel free to share this information as you see fit.  All proposals must be submitted to the HCAOA no later than Friday, March 13.  Proposals will be reviewed by our Conference Committee and presenters will be notified of their presentation status by May 29.

The Annual Leadership Conference will have four tracks and seeks proposals on the following topics. Other topics and areas of focus that appeal to the home care industry are also welcomed.


Track #1: Emerging Providers


  • What did you do to successfully break out of the 1MM-1.5MM mark
  • Identifying clients, Who their influencers are, How to market to influencers
  • Sales Force Training, Onboarding clients, Client retention
  • Analyzing procedures and processes to get over certain humps
  • Effective ways to stand out when building relationships with referral sources
  • Utilizing Social Media for Marketing, Recruitment and Retention
  • Website/Internet Marketing Strategies
  • Website/Internet Recruitment Strategies
  • Professional Referral Source Marketing Strategies (Medical-related, Fiduciaries, Legal, etc)
  • Staffing Coordinator Strategies (war stories and advice)
  • Analyzing Your Business Operations – Best Practices
  • Financial Analysis of your Business – Looking at your Financials vs Benchmarks
  • KPI’s - What do owners look at daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly and how do they use these to grow/maintain the business?
  • What lessons did you learn in the process of getting out of working in your business versus working on your business


Track #2: Established Providers


  • What did you do to successfully break out of the $3MM or $5MM revenue plateau mark
  • Making data driven decisions – what are the stories your data is telling you about your agency
  • Macro Strategies for the well-established agency – Medicare advantage, AI, MCO/ACO integrations, Network building
  • How to effectively impact legislation in your state
  • Leveraging your POC software to track empirical proof of your quality of care
  • Panel– Secrets of the nations elite home care providers
  • How to systematize enough to break out to multiple locations
  • Legal- How other states impact the greater pic (CA HHA registry and disclosure of info, CA and IL reimbursement for cell phone usage, are we moving into not being able to contact caregivers when they are not on scheduled time?)
  • Managing on-call in effective, compliant, and inexpensive ways
  • Sales Force Development: Defining sales role, Hiring, Training, Managing and Incentives


Track #3: Cultivating Quality Caregivers


  • Caregiver Recruitment: Selling proposition, How to process the applicant, How to onboard, How to retain, How to show appreciation for years of service
  • Engaging a disconnected workforce – Ideas for improving loyalty of caregivers
  • Recruitment Strategies for Millennials
  • Recruitment Strategies for Baby Boomers
  • Retention Strategies for Millennials
  • Retention- What things really matter to caregivers that make them stay?
  • Recruitment/retention- caregiving as a career


Track #4: Strategic Industry Trends


  • New opportunities within the home care space
  • Partnerships with Retirement Communities
  • Partnerships with NORCs (Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities)
  • Partnerships with Geriatric Care Managers
  • Partnerships with Medicare Home Health Agencies
  • Partnerships with Hospice Agencies
  • Partnerships with Elder-Affiliated Associations
  • Safe Transition Home Partnerships with Hospitals
  • Medicare Advantage plans


IF chosen as a presenter you will receive:  

  • (1) Discounted Annual Leadership Conference Registration 
  • Opportunity to share your expertise and network with home care providers across the country
  • Opportunity to network with leading vendors in the home care industry 


Proposals will be reviewed by our Conference Committee and presenters will be notified of their presentation status by May 29.


Please click HERE to submit a speaking proposal for the 2020 Annual Leadership Conference.

Thank you for your proposals!