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Clockwise from left: Sandi McCann, Home Care of the Rockies; Krystal Wilkinson, Adult Care Assistance; Heather Dean, Interim Healthcare; Liz Schulze, Martha's Hands Home Care Services

Stand up for Caregivers - Become a Super Caregiver Advocate

As Congress debates the HEROES Act, we need to ensure that they continue to support frontline workers like our caregivers. Response to our first call to support caregivers was incredible – HCAOA members sent more than 2,000 messages to their Senators and Representatives. We need sustained support for our Frontline Caregivers. Helping is as easy as 1,2,3. 

1. Prepare a letter to your representatives in Congress. You can find our letter template here, and the emails for your U.S. Senators and Representatives here.

2. Get others involved! Share our letter template with your employees or others in your organization or agency, and have them reach out to their representatives too! 

3. Be a Caregiver Super Advocate: Send a picture of yourself holding up your hand (palm facing the camera) in support of our Power of 5 campaign. You can email your picture to: Also in the email, please include your name, the name of your company, and the number of Caregivers you employ. We'll share these on our website and other advocacy efforts and your name will be added to the HCAOA's Caregiver Super Advocate Honor Roll. 

Over the course of the next week, check out HCAOA's Facebook page as we recognize those who've taken a stand to be a Caregiver Super Advocate. Our combined efforts will help Home Care Caregivers gain their well-deserved recognition as health care workers, giving them access to enhanced pay, access to childcare and needed PPE. 

Thank you for your support at this critical time. 

Showcase your Caregivers!

We want to showcase the great men and women caring for those who are most vulnerable. To do so, we are asking you: ask your caregivers to submit pictures of themselves, with or without a client holding up their hand, symbolizing their vital role in the fight to Protect & Prevent. Send your photos to

If a client is in the picture, please make sure to have a photo release form signed. And please make sure to identify all people in the photo and include your agency’s name.  Remember, home care aides have the POWER OF 5, TO PROTECT AND PREVENT THE SPREAD OF COVID-19.  Thank you!

About the Power of Five Campaign

Home Care Association of America members work daily to support clients' independence. During this time of global pandemic, it is HCAOA 3.MEMBERFACEBOOK_POSTIMAGE_1_EditCaregivers who are the first in line to protect and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Helping support those that are most vulnerable, HCAOA Caregivers keep clients safely and comfortably at home.

How HCAOA Member Agencies are Vital to our Healthcare System

By reducing the exposure our clients have to COVID-19 and by bringing services safely to our clients’ homes, we can reduce the virus’s spread and reduce the burden on our primary care and emergency care health workers.

What HCAOA Caregivers Are Doing to Prevent & Protect

POWER_5HCAOA Caregivers have been trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and see their clients regularly. They can be among the first to notice symptoms and help attain care for clients if needed.

Additionally, HCAOA Caregivers have a standardized set of practices, proven by the CDC to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The POWER of 5 is how we refer to them.





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