HCAOA Public Awareness Fact Sheets

HCAOA Profile    

Focuses on the HCAOA organization. Provides in-depth details about how the organization helps protect America's seniors through education, awareness, and advocacy/public policy and training tools. 

Home Care Benefits Seniors Fact Sheet

Details why the need for home care is greater than ever, as well as why home care promotes better health outcomes for seniors. Features the latest statistics and trends about the importance of allowing seniors to live where they want to, safely and securely. 

Home Care Benefits Employers Fact Sheet 

Features statistics from recent studies about how the stress of caregiving can reduce worker productivity, which comes at a cost to employers. Includes key messaging about how home care eases this responsibility and enables workers to remain productive while on the job.     

Members: Protecting Employees and Consumers

Highlights key differences between employer-based care and registry models. Provides reasons why home care jobs should equip workers with vital skills and the training, support and safe working environment needed to develop and advance in their careers 

HCAOA Fast Facts

Includes statistics about the home care industry, one of America's fastest-growing sectors. For example, as life expectancy increases, the number of U.S. seniors is growing much faster than other segments of the population. Today, there are about seven people (family, friends or others) aged 45-64 to care for each person over the age of 80. By 2050, this caregiver ratio will be less than 3:1. 

HCAOA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Provides a detailed description of the main differences between home care and home health care. Points out why everyone should care about home care, even if they are not currently a caregiver (i.e., how it affects our nation's healthcare system). Also provides detailed, fast facts about HCAOA, as well as critical policy issues affecting the home care industry.