Mission, Vision, Purpose & Guiding Principles

The Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) is the nation's first association for providers of private duty home care.

HCAOA was founded on the principle that quality private duty home care has one model of care and that model is to employ, train, monitor and supervise caregivers, create a plan of care for the client and work toward a safe and secure environment for the person at home.

HCAOA Mission - The Home Care Association of America enhances the strength and professionalism of private duty home care providers through education and best practices.

HCAOA Vision - Leading the industry that cares for people at home through advocacy and education.

HCAOA Purpose - To provide leadership, representation and education for the advancement of non-medical private duty home care and provide a strong unified voice to speak to the issues of concern within the private duty home care industry.

HCAOA Guiding Principles - Associations that have guiding principles use them to help determine how the association will conduct its business, assist in determining policy and positions, and in providing direction. While the mission and vision of the Home Care Association of America are the main tools for determining strategy and direction, these guiding principles complement that mission and vision.

We believe that people should be able to age safely in place at home to the extent possible according to their desires and permitted by their resources.

We will champion measures at both the federal and state levels that promote home care quality and affordability.

Appropriateness of care and client protection is best provided in an employee based model.