Faces of Caregiving: Vicky-Lee Layden

Caregiver of the Year (2017), Vicky-Lee Layden with Right at Home

“Dedication, Understanding, and Compassion”


Vicky-Lee Layden has been selected as the Home Care Association of America’s 2017 Caregiver of the Year because of her proven commitment to providing exceptional care to all of her clients. Those she serves and her co-workers describe Vicky-Lee as a uniquely warm and caring individual, who will bring “dedication, understanding, and compassion,” even in the most challenging circumstances.


Vicky-Lee chose to switch to home care from a career in an office setting after she experienced the benefits of professional caregiving as a client. When she had a serious health issue that required assistance to recover, Vicky-Lee received dedicated care from CNAs and home care aides. After seeing, firsthand, the aid and reassurance home care could provide, Vicky-Lee decided to become a professional caregiver so that she could give back to others in the same way.

Since that decision, Vicky-Lee has become one the best caregivers on her agency’s team, reliably caring for clients with dementia and other difficult conditions. In one case, Vicky-Lee has been the only person able to convince a client to use her walker, take a shower, and participate in group activities at her memory care facility. Vicky-Lee shows kindness and empathy for the client, even though behavioral symptoms sometimes create hostility. In a different case, Vicky-Lee was able to win the trust of a client who was very modest and refused help with bathing. Not only did Vicky-Lee overcome this barrier and help the client to bathe, she also received appreciation from the woman and the woman’s daughter, and she has continued to think of ways to help the family.

Her manager says she knows Vicky-Lee will never say no to a client and will always provide a special level of care that soothes individuals and families. She has a natural sense of caring that sets her apart and helps her to excel as a caregiver. Praising Vicky-Lee, her manager says, “she has a warm, generous spirit and truly cares for each of her clients…She understands how to meet the client in the place where she is. I wish all our caregivers would show the dedication, understanding, and compassion that Vicky has shown.”