Faces of Caregiving

Manolo Canlas with Divine Home Care

“I Put Myself in Their Shoes”


Manolo Canlas is a veteran caregiver who has proven his ability to develop deep empathy and trust with his clients, helping them to address and manage even the most difficult conditions, symptoms, or limitations.


The inspiration for Manolo’s caregiving career began in his native country of the Philippines, after his mother suffered a stroke. Manolo says that he knew little about caregiving at that time, and he struggled to find the best ways to help his mother. This memory drives him to continually learn more about caregiving, so that he can provide the best quality care to his clients.

Manolo has worked for Divine Home Care since the company’s founding in 2007, and he has demonstrated his commitment for over a decade, starting with his first client. She suffered from a painful condition that often caused her to become agitated, which made it difficult to find a regular, long-term caregiver. However, Manolo succeeded in this role, winning the woman over with his patience and understanding. He created a beneficial, lasting relationship and continued to care for her for nearly three years.

With this ability to understand his clients and build trust with them, Manolo has become an expert caregiver for many who have specialized needs. In one case, Manolo began providing care for an older man after he suffered from a stroke. Then, Manolo expanded his responsibilities to care for the man’s wife, who had a high risk of falling, and the man’s son, who was blind and required dialysis. Eventually, he provided care for the entire family for several years. Manolo is also experienced with clients who have dementia, as he has learned how to direct their attention to more positive sources during an episode of agitation.

This approach has made Manolo one of the most valued members of his agency’s team, where he has provided care to nearly 100 clients – often caring for them until the end of their lives. When asked how he provides such kind and devoted care, Manolo said, “I do my best to put myself in their shoes. I try to understand not just that they are in pain, but exactly where and how much pain they are in. I imagine myself feeling how they feel. Compassion and patience, that’s the reason we are in this business.”