Faces of Caregiving: Mandy Fox

Mandy Fox, of All Ways Caring HomeCare in Desoto, MO, is a model of preparation and inventiveness. Whether it’s helping clients adapt to new challenges, adjusting to very specific preferences, or being ready to go the extra mile in tough weather, Mandy is there for her clients to make sure that their lives can continue as smoothly as possible.

Mandy has helped several clients work through dietary necessities and preferences. With a client who was newly diabetic, Mandy worked to come up with healthier meals that accounted for doctors’ advice. On the days when Mandy was there, she would help in preparing meals far into the week, so they were available even for days the client didn't have services. She also helped a client who only liked TV dinners by making him homemade versions of his favorite meals.

In another case, a client was no longer able to stand for long periods of time, which threatened their longstanding tradition of baking cookies for family. Mandy sprung into action and spent hours in the kitchen, helping her client bake old family recipes and make up trays of cookies for her family members like she had always done before. It made her client happy to be able to keep up her long-time family traditions.

In extreme cases, Mandy has been at the ready to anticipate shortfalls for her clients. Last winter, it snowed overnight during Mandy's 12-hour shift. She packed herself an overnight bag in case it got bad and the caregiver who had morning shift could not make it in. The roads we in no condition for drivers, and so Mandy went above and beyond, working a 36-hour shift. Mandy is always willing pitch in and help out her colleagues when they need it.