Faces of Caregiving: Jeff Huitt

Caregiver of the Year, 2019


Jeff Huitt was named 2019 Caregiver of the Year for his compassion, dedication, and loyalty to his clients. His coworkers and clients call him a team player with professionalism, skill and passion for the role.


Jeff connects with his clients in a way that is meaningful to them. His clients consider him their "buddy," and their families describe him as "a member of our family." Jeff advocates for his clients by listening and understanding their needs. If there is a need or something that they might benefit from, he finds a way to make that happen.  He gives his clients his full attention, learns their likes and dislikes and then goes above and beyond for them by planning his day with the client accordingly.

Jeff genuinely loves what he does and does it well.  He is professional and is always looking for ways to make things easier, keeps the client happy and keeps the lines of communication open between client, office and caregiver. Jeff is a dedicated team player, even going as far as “sweeping” snow from his driveway so his client wouldn’t be without care.  He truly is an all-around good guy who never breaks his smile.