Faces of Caregiving

Sherilee Hopper with Right at Home

Walking Through Fire


Sherilee Hopper’s compassionate, skilled care has had a lasting impact on every one of her clients and their families, who have shared many stories of her dedication, dependability, and kindness.

On a December night in Kentucky, Sherilee was caring for a retired Reverend when she smelled smoke. Sherilee quickly found and identified an electrical fire – and then she took immediate action. After turning off the electricity, she calmly helped her client move from his lift chair to his wheelchair. They were able to leave the home; however, the Reverend had left his cherished Bible in the house, and he demanded that he return to get it. Rather than allowing him to reenter the burning home, Sherilee made the quick decision to risk her own life to save the Bible, as well as family photos. She then kept the client warm in her vehicle until the fire department arrived and helped him find a place to stay for the night.

Though not always this dramatic, Sherilee engages with each of her clients to help them overcome challenges and reach personally meaningful goals. For example, when Sherilee had a depressed client who was losing his vision, she worked with him to find reasons for hope and start daily activities like gardening. When asked about Sherilee, the client said, “I can’t say enough about her…I lived alone, and I am legally blind. I can’t drive, and I was stuck at home. Sherilee was just phenomenal. She would just sit and talk to me. Companionship was so important…Sherilee is probably the reason that I am still here today.”

For a diabetic client, Sherilee learned to cook for his unique dietary needs, improving his health and providing relief to family members. The client’s niece said that Sherilee “is the best thing that ever happened to us. She has not missed a day in over two years…With Sherilee preparing his meals, his glucose is well-controlled on oral medication – better than it has been in years… She has made it possible for me to keep my uncle at home where he wants to be, while easing the burden on me. She is not only his caregiver but a trusted member of our family.”

Sherilee also supports and communicates with her co-workers to improve the entire home care agency. She provides advice to other caregivers and encourages them to take more responsibility for their clients. She also regularly suggests training topics that she thinks would be beneficial for herself or other caregivers. 

Clients, families, and colleagues all praise Sherilee’s deep empathy and personal connection with those she serves. Whether the challenge is depression, diabetes, or a house fire, Sherilee exemplifies how reliable, creative, and personalized care can have life-changing benefits.