Faces of Caregiving: Eva Coleman



A former office manager with a degree in English,Eva Coleman was looking for a way to help pay for her children's educational expenses while making a difference in 2003.  Eva joined Martha's Hands then, and has been able to utilize her lifelong passion for learning as she has grown into her role as a caregiver.  Over 36,000 hours of service to her clients, Eva has emerged as a leader in her industry and organization.

Eva has been recognized by her peers over 15 times for Martha's Hands Angel Awards (recognizing caregivers going above and beyond in client care).  Eva was twice a finalist for the Missouri Alliance for Home Care award for Caregiver of the Year - a state-wide award.  She also was a finalist for the VOYCE Excellence in Caregiving Award.       

Eva commits to being a steady part of her clients' care team; in one case, she has provided over 22,000 hours of care to one client. Eva shows compassion, empathy and respect in the delivery of care by her calm demeanor and ability to listen. Through active listening, she makes emotional connections and meeting their unique needs. Eva embraces our holistic approach to care: Body, Mind and Spirit. This approach has enabled her to make several key interventions in her clients' care, from preventing infections to ensuring that family could be present for a client's last moments.