Faces of Caregiving: Cruz Sandoval


Cruz Sandoval has worked with BAYADA Home Health Care for 17 years, and has been an exemplar of dedicated, committed work throughout her tenure.

Cruz is a Certified Home Health Aide within BAYADA’s Assistive Care office in North Brunswick, New Jersey. Cruz has worked with one family on a full-time care basis for more than a decade, going above and beyond to respond to last-minute urgent requests, and has become a valued part of that family. Cruz has worked overnight shifts with her main clients even after a standard 12-hour daytime shift; she helps clients with communications difficulties, and makes their lives richer.

“Cruz will often tell me I work too much, but I’m absolutely floored by her dedication to her clients,” said Darlene Spagnola, Director of BAYADA North Brunswick. “Cruz makes such a positive impact on her clients’ lives; we should all be so lucky to have someone like her involved in our lives.”

"I have had the pleasure of watching her in [her client]’s home, caring for him as lovingly as you would a member of your own family," said Trish Ryan, Associate at Bayada. "Despite having a family of her own, she eagerly shared her Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day caring for Billy, without complaint."

Cruz is well decorated, having won Office, Divisional, and National Hero awards with BAYADA.