Faces of Caregiving

Carolle Nicolas with BAYADA Home Health Care

Part of the Family


Clients and families commend Carolle Nicolas, who excels in providing care to those with unique needs or challenging care requirements. Carolle is a source of reassurance, relief, and support for those who need it most.


Carolle’s care has been essential for multiple clients with high-level needs and their family members. For example, one of Carolle’s clients was a 103-year-old woman who was blind and only spoke French, making communication and care difficult. Because of these needs, her daughter had not left the woman’s side in over two years, and multiple caregivers had been turned away. However, Carolle formed an immediate bond with the family, building a sense of trust so that she could take on greater responsibilities and relieve the client’s daughter. Carolle continued to work with the family and was there when the woman passed away. According to Carolle’s employer, the family says that “they have never had someone enter their home and make them feel as comfortable as Carolle. She gave them freedom and peace of mind.”

Carolle has also changed the lives of an intellectually disabled 50-year-old man and his elderly parents. Even though the family lives on the edge of the agency’s territory, Carolle travels a long distance several evenings each week to provide care. Carolle has only missed one shift in two years, when she needed surgery. She says she understands the importance of consistency and familiarity to her client. She is always willing to provide the extra effort to meet his needs, even if it’s difficult or inconvenient.

Co-workers also respect Carolle for her collaboration with other members of the care team. She leaves detailed notes on her timesheets and frequently updates the care manager on changes in a client’s status. She is also dependable and punctual, even as she balances another full-time caregiving job and two children. Her employer says that “the clients and the office know that it is more than just a job for Carolle, that it is something inside of her that just radiates out to everyone she comes across. She loves what she does and cares for her clients as if they were part of her own family. Our office would be lost without Carolle!”

Beloved by her clients and her teammates, Carolle shows the vital difference that a skilled, dedicated caregiver can make.